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AWS certification Tips : 5 things you should know

In cloud computing domain, AWS certification is a sought after certification for cloud architects, developers, and DevOps engineers. In this post, i will provide some tips to prepare for AWS certification exams.

To pass AWS certification, you should have good knowledge about the basic building blocks of AWS services. I will try to answer all your queries regarding AWS certification in this post.

Note: Even though the certification exam is of multiple choices, it is very confusing to choose the right answer. So prepare well for attending the exam.

1. Basic services: 

EC2, VPC, RDS, and S3 are the basic amazon services. You should get hands on experience with these services. If you have knowledge about the services, you can start preparing for the certification by reading the FAQ's of these services.

2. Other services: 

You can expect many questions from the basic services I explained in step 1. Once you have a good understanding about the basic services, you can start learning the fundamentals of services mentioned below.
        1. Cloudfront, Cloudformation 
        2. Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) 
        3.  Amazon Simple Queing Servic ( SQS) 
        4. Autoscaling 
        5. Amzon Elastic Load balancer (ELB) 
        6. AWS opsworks 
        7. Amazon Route53 (DNS service)
        8. You can expect few questions from the above services. 

3. Should I learn about CLI's and API calls? : 

You don't have to learn all the AWS CLI command and API references. AWS does not want to test you with API's and CLI's.

4. Concentrate on VPC: 

VPC (virtual private cloud) is one of the important services that you should have good knowledge of for passing AWS certification. Following are the VPC service options you should learn about.
  • Elastic Network Interfaces(ENI)
  • Elastic IP's(EIP) 
  • VPC Security Groups 
  • Network ACL 
  • Routing tables 
  • Internet Gateways 
  • NAT Instances 

Note: All questions are scenario based. So you should have good knowledge of how to set up VPC with all the options mentions above

5. S3 and Glacier:

S3 is one of the important AWS services. You can expect a good number of questions from S3. You should have good knowledge about s3, its policies and associated its associated services like CloudFront. Glacier is another storage service you should have knowledge of. You can expect one or two questions from Glacier.


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