Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certifications Study Guide - List of Online Courses

AWS certifications are focused on a professional path related to AWS IT certifications. With the huge adoption of cloud computing, AWS became the market leader in Public Cloud IaaS space. AWS certifications play an important role for developers and system admins working in small, medium and big sized companies. Even for executives and project managers AWS certifications help in understanding their full offerings.

You will find n number of online tutorials for AWS services, but none of them are inclined to train you for certifications. If learning for AWS certification is in you to do list, then we have collected a list of online resources that will help you preparing for the certifications.

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate - Udemy

Udemy course by Ryan Kronenberg is one of the best AWS certification course out there. It is a good course for beginners and people with AWS knowledge as well.This  Course covers all the necessary services needed for the certification. You will also gain hands-on experience from this course. Also, get a discount this course.

2. AWS Certified Developer - Associate - Udemy

This is also a course from Udemy by Ryan Kroonenburg. This course helps you in preparing for the AWS developer certification. Ryan has covered all the aspects of the developer certification with practical demonstrations. It will not teach you to code, but it is specifically modeled to make you pass the developer certification.

3. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Udemy

4. AWS certification courses - CbtNuggets

CbtNuggets also offers course online course for AWS certification. Jeremy Cioara is a great trainer and you will enjoy the course. If you are beginner,  it is a great course to get started but it does not cover the concepts indepth to get you the certification.

4. Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect - Linux Academy

This course by Linux academy is hosted in Udemy. This course is great for beginners and experienced people as well to get the certification. You can check out the user reviews in Udemy for more information.

5. Cloud Academy courses:

Cloud academy is doing a great job by offering courses in all cloud domains.It includes courses for AWS certification.

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